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Design and technology at Ludlow aims to inspire creativity from pupils through making and designing products. It aims to help pupils understand the influence of technology on society and allows them to be imaginative in creating solutions to problems.

Pupils will build on practical skills that they have been taught in Key Stage 1. Through following the National Curriculum programme of study, pupils will broaden their understanding of the design process. The pupils will need to consider the purpose of their products and how they are used in everyday life. Pupil’s design work will show careful planning with an understanding of the needs of who will use the product. When making their products, pupils will use a wide range of tools, mechanisms and materials (including food). Pupils will learn about working safely and how to use tools correctly. They will be able to critique, evaluate and test their ideas and products.

During each year, pupils will carry out 2 or 3 main projects and these will link to their topic work. Pupils may work independently or collaboratively as a group.

Please click on the star below to view some of the examples of wonderful work created by pupils across the school.

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