Reading at Ludlow

Reading is an incredibly important life skill for our children. Not only does it open up their world to other possibilities and ways of living but it is a key skill to make learning every other subject easier.

We encourage reading for pleasure with E.R.I.C. sessions which focus on quiet reading time and comprehension activities. This may be independent learning time or guided with an adult.

We take our children to use our library and promote the use of the one in Woolston as well. We will be taking our children down to Woolston library to see what is on offer there. The children always love this visit and it is always lovely to work with the staff at Woolston library, making sure that the children have a lovely experience.

We strongly believe that children who do not enjoy reading have not yet found the right book for them! Please come and talk to the teachers about suggestions to help you and your child find it! 

The website LoveReading4Kids has lots of book recommendations covering a range of genres and is a great place to start the hunt! This website also provides extracts from different books so your children can get a feel as to whether or not they would enjoy the particular book.

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Reading Expectations 

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