Maths at Ludlow

What makes a mathematician? Here at Ludlow, we believe it’s not about the marks you get, but going on a journey of acquiring a deep, sustainable understanding and developing a real enjoyment for the subject!  

Below are some drawings children across the school have done based on what they think makes a good mathematician; it’s lovely to see how many of them focus on our school values of determination and perseverance and how positively they view maths learning. 

Maths pic

Maths should be so much more than crunching numbers; it should be about problem solving, seeing patterns, asking questions, reasoning and justifying and making connections. These are all the qualities we are striving to teach our children here at Ludlow through our skill apply approach.

Over the last couple of years, we have been organising more opportunities outside of the school day for Maths, with an after school Maths club in year 5 and the chance to participate in Maths competitions at other schools – we’re excited for this to develop further!

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