At Ludlow, our children have E-safety lessons throughout the year which provide the children with tips and guidance on how to stay safe online, both at home and at school. Across the curriculum, our lessons are age-related so that the children learn about different topics throughout years 3-6.

Our E-safety Policy follows this SMART guide for all of our children and staff:

Please use these links if you would like to learn more about the importance of E-safety with your child at home

Tools and information to help you teach your child at home about the importance of staying safe online, this is also has useful presentations for you to talk your child through.

A useful website if you need guidance on dealing with online bullying or reporting concerns.

This website can be used by both adults and children for help and useful tips for staying safe online.

Detailed information and links to other sites for support with Social media, online bullying and staying safe online.


Here are some links to websites which your child will use at school

   Used by Year 5 teachers, children are rewarded Monster Points for excellent effort and behaviour.

  Used by all children in school, the children can access age appropriate maths challenges and take part in contests against the City and Nationally!

  Used for weekly reading homework in all year groups, the children read the text set by the teacher and answer the questions.