Teaching and Learning

Our Curriculum

Ludlow Junior School follows the new National Curriculum from September 2014

The National Curriculum details the content of state education from 5-16 years. It stipulates programmes of study, subject content and expectation in the following subject areas:

English Mathematics Science

Computing Geography History

Languages (French) Art and design Design and technology

Music Physical Education

Children also study Religious Education and Personal, Social and Health Education. As an academy, Ludlow Junior School also includes Sex and Relationships Education.

Ludlow Junior School’s Curriculum Vision

Our school will be a nourishing environment for children’s minds that allows them to ‘dream big’. We will provide them with tools to succeed but also remove barriers to provide them with future dreams ensuring all achieve their potential. Using real-life contexts, materials and rich experiences we will empower our children to open their eyes to the wider world. We will impart knowledge, broaden horizons and challenge stereotypes. We will provide our children with the skills and knowledge to allow them to contribute to, and benefit from, the opportunities presented by the communities in which they live. We will inspire pupils to become life-long learners with an engaging, diverse and exciting curriculum that reveals the wonder and diversity of the world.

To find out what this looks like for your child at our school, please click here for your child's year group information.



Assessment for Learning is at the heart of teaching and learning

We believe that Assessment for learning provides evidence to guide teaching and learning and gives pupils opportunities to self-assess and review their own progress. This on-going, within and between lesson assessments are what ensures all pupils make progress. We believe that assessment feedback should inspire greater effort and a belief that, through hard work and practice, more can be achieved.

Assessment must be fair and honest, free from bias, inclusive of all abilities and used to assist pupils with their learning.

To read our Assessment Principles and find out how we assess, please click here.



Reporting to parents

How can I find out about Progress and Attainment for my child?


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