The aim of the school’s computing curriculum is to prepare and equip pupils with both the knowledge and the skills that they will need in order to become active participants of the ever evolving digital world that we now live in.

At Ludlow Junior School, the computing curriculum is broken down in to five main areas: e-Safety, programming, Handling data, Multimedia and Technology in our lives. You can look at how each of the strands of the curriculum progress on the ‘I can...’ statements that we use for each year group.

Underpinning the entire computing curriculum is teaching the importance of ‘E-safety’ and how to keep yourself and others safe online. ‘E-safety’ is taught alongside all aspects of the computing curriculum and aims to guide pupils to make safe choices about sharing their personal information when using the Internet and social media.

Please click on the links below to find out more about the computing curriculum across the school;


Whole school computing overview

Y3 Computing I can

Y4 Computing I can

Y5 Computing I can

Y6 Computing I can

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