DT Intent Statement

At Ludlow Junior School the DT curriculum has been designed to develop and inspire the children’s creative, technical and practical expertise required to perform confidently in an increasingly technological world. Children have the opportunity to develop their understanding and skills in designing and making high quality products for a range of uses. At Ludlow, the testing and evaluation of ideas and products is essential to ensure that pupils continuously adapt their design to create the most desirable final product. Pupils develop their knowledge of nutrition through discussion, and begin to learn some of the basics of cooking.

Units are carefully planned according to the progression of skills and closely linked to year group topics. They are interesting, engaging and motivate pupils to achieve their best. All units of work follow a sequence of lessons, which cover the basic DT skills of designing and planning, making and evaluating. Children are taught a range of skills as they progress through Ludlow and are able to build on prior knowledge and develop their technical knowledge and understanding. During their time at Ludlow, children build on previous knowledge and skills to create increasingly complicated products. They develop their technical knowledge and understanding throughout their time at Ludlow, and effectively problem solve to strengthen and reinforce structures.

At Ludlow, we cater for all groups of children including SEND and gifted and talented to ensure that they can reach their individual potential.

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