English Intent Statement

At Ludlow Junior School, the English curriculum is designed to inspire children. Through the immersion of engaging texts and stimuli, learners are able to explore and ask questions, often drawing upon what they might know already or furthering their existing knowledge with new ideas.

Our aim is to provide our children with varied opportunities in reading which allows them to understand the world around them. We carefully choose texts that we know will engage and enthuse our children, allowing them to be absorbed in other worlds, other cultures and other points in time.

English units at Ludlow begin with exciting hooks so that children are fully immersed into their learning. Through the use of texts, drama, video-clips, events and visitors, we captivate our children’s imaginations from the start, prior to equipping them with the skills they need as readers and writers. Children then evolve as authors as they plan, write, read and edit their work, before showing a great deal of pride at the final stage of publishing or end product.

Striking a balance is important to us at Ludlow; we want to inspire our children and allow them to be immersed in new ideas at the same time as allowing them to draw upon their worlds too. This is why our curriculum is carefully planned, developed, sequenced and adapted to suit the needs of our children so that they can be provided with the very best opportunities to be readers and writers.

Carefully planned and sequenced skills progression underpin the English curriculum. We devise learning journeys so that the children understand the purpose and key skills needed to be successful.

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