Reading at Ludlow

At Ludlow we work hard to foster a love of reading. As well as being an incredibly important life skill for our children, we know that reading allows children to open up their worlds to new possibilities, meaning that they are able to learn, escape and seek enjoyment from books. 

Reading for pleasure is extremely important to us; children are supported with finding books which are suitable for them and our diverse curriculum hosts a wealth of rich texts which engage learners of all abilities and backgrounds. All children are given opportunities to be read to and read with, be this with each other or with an adult. Competitions and activities within school enable us to promote a love of reading as well.

Throughout the school day, there are so many opportunities for children to read. This might be during ERIC sessions which focus on quiet reading and comprehension activities, or reading lessons where specific skills are taught. As well as this, class novels are enjoyed, along with visits to our school library and even our local library in Woolston too.

We strongly believe that children who do not enjoy reading have simply not yet found the right book! If you feel as though you would like support with getting your child to read, please do not hesitate to come and talk to teachers at school about suggestions. Furthermore, the website LoveReading4Kids has many recommendations covering a range of genres and is a great place to start the hunt for the perfect book for your child.

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