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Our aim is for all pupils at Ludlow Junior School to develop as independent and accurate spellers who are confident when applying an evolving, adventurous vocabulary to their own writing. The children should be able to use a range of spelling strategies which allow them to attempt unknown words, and develop a sound knowledge of irregular high frequency words. Children should be aware of the differences between spoken dialect and written English.

All children should:

  • Attempt to spell words for themselves using a range of strategies.
  • Write an increasingly wide range of words from memory.
  • Use a variety of resources to assist with spelling e.g. dictionaries, word banks, vocabulary displays, ICT.
  • Develop an understanding of spelling patterns and rules through investigations and identifying the exceptions to these rules.
  • Employ a range of approaches to learning spellings, especially those mis-spelt in their own work.

Ludlow Junior School achieves this by:

  • Building on a sound knowledge of phonics developed during EYFS and KS1, identifying gaps and addressing these early on.
  • Weekly spelling teaching with a specific focus.
  • Setting weekly spelling homework.
  • Creating personalised spelling targets.
  • Marking work and providing individual feedback to pupils.


We also recognise the link between good handwriting and good spelling. It is important for children to develop a fluent and legible handwriting style to assist with spelling patterns.

All children should:

  • Form letters correctly.
  • Use upper and lower case letters appropriately.
  • Begin to use a cursive style from year 3.
  • Use a correct and comfortable pencil/pen grip.

Ludlow Junior School achieves this by:

  • Teaching handwriting weekly.
  • Personalised praise/feedback.
  • Awarding handwriting pens to children who consistently demonstrate handwriting of a high standard in their books for all areas of the curriculum.


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