History Intent Statement


The History curriculum at Ludlow Junior School is intended to spark curiosity in our children. We endeavour to bring the past to life in and outside of the classroom and in doing so arouse the children’s creativity, develop their questioning skills and foster a desire to learn about the lives that went before them.

We cover a diverse range of history topics across the school. The children’s learning spans from ancient civilisations to more recent historical events and covers a British, local and world history context. Throughout these topics we encourage children to make links between the times periods studied and to avoid seeing them as separate chapters within the history books. We recurrently revisit timelines at the start of topics so children can re-examine their past learning and see how the time periods that they study link and impact on one another.

We consistently strive to make history learning fun and engaging. At the start of our history topics we endeavour to plan a range of events to absorb the children in their history learning. These ‘wow’ days often encourage children to dress up and enjoy a day dedicated to history. As well as this, we provide a range of opportunities for children to have hands on history experiences; from artefact handling, local history excursions and archaeologist visits. Each of these opportunities develops the children’s questioning and problem solving skills and demonstrates how history is entrenched in everyday life.

Primarily, we ensure that history is fully embedded within the curriculum and that there are strong links to other subjects throughout our history lessons. Our wish is that every pupil develops the ability to think critically about the past, to relate what they learn to their own experiences and to develop their own opinions about how the past is represented.

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