Music Vocabulary

Musical notes


Not clued up on the range of musical vocabulary your child is learning?

Below is a list of vocabulary to help you reinforce your child's musical knowledge at home;


Beat – This is the basic unit of time in music the pulse throughout

Pitch – Meaning whether a note is high or low

Tempo – How fast or slow the music is

Rhythm – The regular pattern in music

Ensemble – Playing in a group

Melody - Are a sequence of notes played to make a tune

Ostinato – Playing a repeated rhythm pattern

Dynamics: These are the alternations in the volume of a piece of music

  • Crescendo – gradually getting louder
  • Diminuendo – gradually getter quieter
  • Piano – played quietly
  • Forte – played loudly

Timbre – The sound quality of a musical note

Motif – a short musical idea that has some special importance in or is characteristic of a composition

Soundscape – sounds that create the sensation of experiencing a particular acoustic environment or compositions created using the found sounds of an acoustic environment.

Harmonies – different tones and pitches within the same melody

Coda: a section of music which brings the music to an end

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