Playground Pals

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Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils are able to apply to be Playground Pals. Pupils complete an application form and if they are selected, they attend regular training sessions. Playground Pals are on duty 1-5 days per week depending on their preference and a uniform is provided.

Playground Pal Duties

  • setting up playground equipment and music system
  • assisting with activities such as Action Arena.
  • helping to resolve disagreements.
  • befriending children who are sometimes isolated.
  • act as positive role models.

Every term Playground Pals meet with the Learning Mentor team to talk through any issues, make changes and evaluate their role.

This role helps to develop confidence, responsibility, reliability, teamwork and leadership skills. If your child is interested in becoming a Playground Pal, ask them to visit the Learning Mentors in RAMP for an application form.

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