Science Intent Statement

At Ludlow Junior School, the Science curriculum is designed to inspire children. Learners are encouraged to experiment, to ask questions and build on previous knowledge, such as building circuits, classifying rocks and carrying out experiments on reversible and irreversible changes.

Our aim is to allow children to understand Science within a wider context, building a larger picture about the world around them, such as the impact of plastic pollution. Through exploring key scientists, such as David Attenborough in Year 5, children understand the different aspects of Science, which contribute to our society. By giving children opportunities to meet with professionals within the Science community through assemblies and specialist workshops, they can learn more about potential career paths, as well as building excitement and a love of learning.  

Science units at Ludlow allow children build skills, such as prediction, classification, evaluation, recording of data, comparing, identifying and observing. These skills are developed throughout the Ludlow curriculum and there is a clear progression from Year 3 to Year 6. Not only will these skills have an impact on their learning within Science, they will be transferable across other subjects within the school. The acquisition and consolidation of these skills are assessed by the class teacher to informing planning throughout the year.

Those with a passion and aptitude for Science are invited to extra-curricular activities, such as our Young Engineers Club for Years 5 and 6. We feel it is important to foster and encourage their enthusiasm for Science and allow them to solve problems independently and learn from their mistakes. Through the practicality of making balloon cars, slime, windmills, vibrating bugs and pocket torches, the children are able to come up with their own ideas, test them out and revise them accordingly.  

Through appropriate questioning and accurate assessment, all children are able to access the Science Curriculum, in a way that is fun and engaging.    

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