Online Payments

All payments to school, including school meals are to be made online using your Parentmail Account.

Once registered for Parentmail, you will be able to access school meals and all trips and events either by adding the App to your mobile phone, or using your devices at home. School Meals are under the “Accounts” tab, and you can pre-order your child’s meals for weeks in advance should you wish to. Alternatively, you can make regular top ups, and your child may choose their meals in class on a daily basis.

Please be advised, there must be sufficient credit on your account for your child to order a school meal, so please check your balance regularly.

Trips, events and clubs available to your child, can be found under the “Payments” tab. Here you can select which items you wish to pay for, put them in your basket and checkout and make payment using you card. Some local shops offer a “Paypoint” service, which you may also use.

You will receive “alerts” when a new event has been added to your account.

Should you have any queries regarding online payments, please contact the school office on 023 8044 7885. There is also a useful “HELP” tab within the Parentmail app.