Playground Pals

Playground Pals is a responsibility that children can apply for in years 4-6.


Playground Pal Duties

  • Supervising activities and games on the playground such as Champ. 
  • Being responsible for the boogie box and playing music on the playground 
  • Helping to resolve disagreements.
  • Escorting children who are hurt to medical
  • Befriending children who have nobody to play with
  • Acting as positive role models
  • Being kind to everybody and being a good friend

A bright blue uniform is provided and pals must wear this while they are on duty. They can choose from a blue cap or fleece.The Playground Pals present certificates in assembly to children who are seen being kind and considerate on the playground.This role helps to develop confidence, responsibility, reliability, teamwork and leadership skills. If your child is interested in becoming a member of our Playground Pals team, ask them to visit the learning mentors in RAMP for an application form.

Every term Playground Pals meet with the Learning Mentors to talk through any issues, make changes and evaluate their role. Playground Pals are outside on duty from 1-5 days per week at break times and lunchtimes.

Playground Pal Comments

“I like being able to help people sort their arguments out”

“The playground is much happier”

“People notice me and talk to me now, not just when I have my uniform on, it feels like I am famous”

“I felt proud when I gave my certificate out in assembly, even though I was a bit nervous”

Playground Pals