Maths Mastery 


What is Mastery? 

The idea underpinning mastery in maths is that all children can achieve a deep, long-term and transferable understanding of Maths. 


Maths Mastery

For more information about the Maths Mastery initiative please click on this link; Solent Maths Hub


Pictures created by Ludlow children with their interpretation of what Maths Mastery is all about

 Children Maths



For a child to be displaying lots of elements of deeper learning, they need to be able to prove and justify their answers; this shows they can recognise connections and draw on their learning to solve problems efficiently and effectively. 



We have been using the concrete (practical resources like dienes), pictorial (pictures and visual aids like the bar model) and the abstract (written calculations) approach to ensure the children achieve a secure understanding of mathematical concepts. 

Click here to view the Fractions Progression document

Click here to view the Dienes Progression document

Click here to view the Visual Models document

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