Wellbeing resources

There are a number of resources available online to support your children with their wellbeing:


NHS – Steps to Wellbeing:



Anna Freud Centre – Self Care:



Anna Freud Centre – dealing with the effects of Coronavirus toolkit


Barnardos - support for children and young people affected by the coronavirus crisis:



Anna Freud Centre – parent leaflet – talking to children about mental health


Children’s Book – Good days in unusual times


The Children’s Society – Supporting your child’s wellbeing guide


 Kindness Calendar

 Wellbeing Booklet:

Please look at this booklet to find support with wellbeing during current lockdown measures


Winter Health Advice:

Seasonal illnesses continue to be an issue throughout winter such as coughs and colds. This can present a problem with the Covid pandemic as some of the symptoms are the same. To help prevent picking up a seasonal ill-ness there is some advice that can be followed given out by the NHS, please see the following links:



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